Naga Viper is a really hot chili.

My Naga Viper seeds have germinated and are now becoming small plants. Naga Viper is a really hot chili (SHU 1,359,000) . It is bred by Gerald Fowler, a farmer in England, and currently holds the title as the hottest chilli third chili in the world, I think it may have been changed…

Gerald Fowler says that if you eat this hot chili so there is a sense of pleasure, well for some it may be so, but I will refrain enough from chewing on me a whole fruit but a little bit should I naturlitvis taste…

For me it's the first time I grow this chili, do you have cultivated the?

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  1. Micke Sorsa says:

    Hey Stig! Cultured 2 plants of the last season with success, where ca 80 cm high and plenty of fruits. Have not had the courage to test a whole but where was about 1/6 part without seeds and it was strong but thought Butch T was a bit worse and it should of course be.

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