Canario Rocoto a new familiar to me!

I grow not just super hot chilis, but here's a new acquaintance for me “Canario Rocoto” According to many, this chili be very good and should be eaten fresh, and you should let them ripen on the plant before you pick them. This is no mild chili but should have good heat. The plant gets purple beautiful flowers and fruits have black seeds.

I have seeds left to this kind if someone wants to try to grow the. See “My seeds” Is it not so, they have run out of I have just 12 seeds remain. It is located 3 seeds in each bag.

Have you grown this variety?

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2 Responses to Canario Rocoto a new familiar to me!

  1. Mats says:

    I grew this variety 2012. Had a single plant that I then planted out outdoors for the summer. It was quite a large. More than many other varieties also stood out during the same growing conditions. But it did not give a complete fruit before the autumn came. I didn't bother to dig it up again and Hibernate. Nor took cuttings. Right now, however, five new plants under way, planted from seed. To give it a try to. Planted the slightly earlier this year than I did last year, to give it a little more time to grow up before summer.

    As you probably already know, this kind hairy (pubescens). It looks kind of funny I find out!

  2. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Mats!
    I planted my seeds early this year and it will be interesting to follow these plants development. Please tell me later about how your seedlings and if there will be any fruit this year. Yes, they are beautiful the hairy leaves. These varieties are a bit hairy can withstand even lower temperature than most other chilisorter.

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