Carolina Reaper plants thrive and will soon be trained about!

My Carolina Reaper AKA HP22B grow well and is soon ready for a larger pot. I had just 5 seeds germinate and all came up. Will be very interesting to follow this chili Pepper Joe is sure that will take over the throne when it comes to the world's hottest chili pepper.

I got some seeds left behind by this for those who want to grow this chili.

There are a few seeds to buy in “chilli Seeds” here on my site. No cheap seeds 10 dollars for 10 St basic + shipping from the United States as the ones I have left, I would like to have 9:- St. It's 3 seeds st. in a sachet 27:- They are not there so has anyone else already norpat them!

Here you can see a small video when Pepper Joe talks about This chili!

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2 Responses to Carolina Reaper plants thrive and will soon be trained about!

  1. Jani says:

    Really good blog! do you ask where in Sweden you grow? 🙂

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Jani, glad that you like my little page!
      I grow in zone hardiness 2 Östergötland – Motala. Men just nu så har jag min förodling i pannrummet 🙂

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