Big nice white flowers on Hot Apple!

This is one of my mild chili as I grow a few plants of the year. Hot Apple or “Hungarian Apple Pepper” as it is known. It will get round red fruits with thick flesh, sweet and juicy pretty mild but there is little heat yet.

This variety has large white flowers and plant way is that many a bit more elongated annuum cultivars, tree-like. Jar has topped some of these plants to branch better but the plants will flower later. These meaty Hot Apple fruit should I put in a good team after I dug out all the seeds.

Do you have any good recipes for a good team to put chili peppers in?

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3 Responses to Big nice white flowers on Hot Apple!

  1. Robert says:

    “Alma paprika”, We call these at home (partner from Hungary). Alma = Apple in Hungarian. Completely sovereign to ' pickla’ But even that made for putting on a skewer and Grill!

  2. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Robert!
    Well just like you say so, it is called also "Alma paprika" I'll like you mention even try grilling some this summer then I also am a BBQ freak!

  3. Frederick says:

    Now I see that it's been a while since post, but I recommend is actually an ordinary pickle. You know, somebody like Grandma made Pickles in. Ättikssprit, sugar, water and a whole bunch of parsley.

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