My own plant lighting Strip ChiliLight lamp!

Oh how popular my little self designed växtbelyning became. I've gotten lots of questions about how it works, and if the plants can really grow and feel good during the 2 low energy light bulbs from auto parts store!

I can tell you that my tests show that this lighting works just fine. My chiliplantor is growing, blooms and gives fruits to this lamp really gives the plants energy, there is no doubt.

The light that shines over chiliplantorna is the first prototype I have changed little in design but by and large, it is the same principle. What emerged is a “Hat” protection of the cables on the top and a sturdier suspension loops.

Do you want to know more then just to hear from you! I do amature plates on order.

Here's a little video about how to mount everything on the armature plate in order to get a working plant lighting

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  1. Jonas says:

    Go in mind to build such a lamp and looked to low energy lamps (4000(K)) also on the 45 W at auto parts store. Is there any advantage to using these instead or will it be to burn for the crows so to speak?

    With kind regards

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Jonas!
      The light fixture I built can also have 45W lights in and the higher power you have, the more energy to the plants. An advantage but 45W lights is that you can have the lights higher up. If I were to build an armature for 2x45W so I would probably increase the length to 80 cm instead of 60 cm. Then 45W lights are a bit fatter so I would even extend the gavelplåtarna ca 30 m. m.

      Please tell us how it went with your building if you build a lamp.

  2. stephen dunkley says:

    how close to keep 30w cfl lights?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      When the plants are small, about 20 cm when they get bigger so increased to 50 cm so the light covers larger area

  3. Arif says:

    Hey Stig!

    I have built a like Chiles light of plate as low at home. I have used 2*45 W Biltemas low energy. The question is, What distance should I wear to the plants? Then these are just a few days old?

  4. Henry says:

    Hi Stig I shall build a reflector based on your to my closet cultivation had bought one of you but I need one on 50 cm…. How thick sheet metal, use and what is your complete??

  5. Lars Granander says:

    Hey Dipstick. Do you sell kits to chililampan and, if so, what does it cost?Best Wishes, Lars

  6. Christer Persson says:

    Go tonight!

    I have been looking around for those lights but they seem hard to come by. Do you have something tips on where I can find similar?

    With kind regards, Christer

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