Crowded in the pots, time for a little retraining again!

Oh how my chiliplantor is growing, they begin to get that crowded in the small plant pots. Usually, you notice that it is time to school when the little plants will dry out very quickly, This is often because the plant formed a lot of roots that start to fill out the pot.

The best way to check if it is time for retraining is to take up the plant out of the pot and watch how the roots look like and how they have evolved in the pot. Press pot a little light around and turn up o down on plant, grab the plant stem and remove the pot gently. It tends to be a strong and fairly dense root collection at the bottom of the plant and it is also a sign that it wants more space.

So platerade if a 20 number plants for a 1.3 liter perennkruka with a pro rosjord from Weibull. This earth is the best I've tested so far since the plants received the Earth grows best of all my plants, I also test P-agriculture, U-agriculture and ICA eco Earth. I mix out the Earth by about. 10% Perlite.

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  1. Hey Stig
    Where to buy rosjord. Think that it is right a big difference between P and U the Earth in the form of what they add. U soil is well meant to feed throughout the summer if I remember correctly?

  2. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Nicklas!
    There are a lot of different Rosjords mixtures to buy but I think is good and has got a good result with is the Weibull Pro rosjord, I buy it in 40 liter bags “Neighbouring farm” but it is available for purchase in several plant stores that sell the Weibull different soil types soil.

    Weibull's Pro rosjord “Rosjord of the best peat with cow manure and silica clay, providing safe and healthy growth . Earth consists only of natural raw materials and is approved for organic farming.”

    Yes U-the Earth is fertilized with both long- and korttidsverkande fertilizer to hand over a longer period.

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