Chiliplantornas roots develop nicely in the deep rose pots.

Several of my cuttings have now developed so much rooted in 4 liter rose pots that it is time to move these to a 7 liter odlarkruka.

Here is what one of my Dorset Naga plants get a larger pot. This is a plant of the cuttings I took last fall when I cut down my plants before winter storage. They are quite low but have branched out well and will probably grow more in height now when roots get more space. Now it will be rosjord with some extra supplements of chicken manure pellets and a little clay in the bottom.

Here you can see how I take cuttings from my chiliplantor Click here!

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2 Responses to Chiliplantornas roots develop nicely in the deep rose pots.

  1. Amandak says:

    Nice! Can I ask where you purchase your rose- and odlarkrukor?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Rose pots can be found in well-stocked plant stores or at your local nursery. I buy these directly from wholesale through an acquaintance who grow tomatoes.

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