Help me solve this mystery!

Why does not my Habanero fruits from a cutting that I would?

I've taken cuttings from my Habanero Lemon, Fire and Bengle Naga. Now one of my Habanero Lemon rated fruits but they found that the fruits do not look like they should, but more as a normal habanero in shape?

Then I'm sure to tag documents, etc. then I am quite sure that I am not confused my cuttings when I noticed these with dates, etc.. By the way, so they do not have the form of neither Bengle Naga or Fire as this may be excluded. Foliage, etc.. is as it should on the plant but not the fruits…

In the picture to the right you can see how Habanero lemon fruits look like green and there is a significant difference

Do you know why it is like this? Solve this mystery for me because here I go bet…

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