Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor the plants may 10 liter pots!

The most common is that the hot chilisorterna takes quite a long time to grow large and provide fruit and it is true in many cases but my “Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor” growing fast, Today I had to school on these seedlings to a larger pot on 10 liters.. This variety was little pot the 2012-11-29 as they have grown into very quickly.

Now when I schools in larger pots as I found with a bit of leckakulor at the bottom to get better drainage so that excess water runs out of the. Then I use odlarkrukor so many big holes in krukornas bottom and even on the sides in order to avoid that the roots will be standing in water.

I continue to use me by professionals rose Earth from Weibull's which I think is one of the better ones I've tested in years. I found also with a bit of chicken manure pellets to get some more long-lasting nourishment in the pot.

How are things going with your hot chiliplantor they have begun to grow up?

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