This Year's Chili “Fire” and “Dorset Naga” grow and thrive in the basement!

How is it possible for those of you who have changed or purchased “Fire” or “Dorset Naga” seeds of me? Here are two of my plants from seed. All seeds come from the parent plants that I bought in England last season.
Both “Fire” and “Dorset Naga” like big pots and even irrigation, should not be dried out but not submerged in water so make sure the pot is well drained. These plants should not be topped when the branch when it is about 30 – 40 cm high. Right now these plants live in a 4 liter roskruka but the final pot is on the whole 25 liters..

This is the genuine “Dorset Naga” from Sea Spring Farm in England. I have seen many variations of this chili that doesn't at all look like the origin. It's really just Sea Spring seed in England that sells the genuine seed and plants…

Are you looking for a plug plant these varieties you can order, they send even plants for Sweden. Click Sea spring Plants

In the pictures, it is “Fire” to the right and “Dorset Naga” to the left.

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2 Responses to This Year's Chili “Fire” and “Dorset Naga” grow and thrive in the basement!

  1. vasastan says:

    Hi, a question for you, What is your temp in your basement, think about the plants and move down to the basement because some grief mosquitoes as missus whine on. think my basement is steady around 20 c.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      I have about. 18 – 22 degrees so if you have 20 degrees, it is a perfect temp to power up chiliplantor so you can safely move them down to the basement. Only the receive light, water and nourishment so they will grow well in the basement.

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