Gloves are a good alternative for handling chiliföer

When we buy seeds together in Chiliklubben on Facebook, I have to package and send out the seed to all members. Many va the varieties we buy are among the hottest chilisorterna in values and even if you only manage its seeds, so there's plenty of heat in these.

I recommend the use of a plastic or a thinner rubber glove when doing their seeds or fruits so you avoid the hot capsinet on fingarana. It is very easy to forget about themselves and, for example, get in the eye or any other inappropriate place, and it does not feel comfortable there, I can promise, Sting like fire…

One trick to help get rid of the hot capsinet from the hands is to rub your hands with barnolja and box it remain 1 minutes and then wash your hands with SOAP or detergent. Oil solves capsinet and SOAP solves since the oil so you can rinse off.

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