Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor has received small fruits

This hot chili “Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor” would have such vigour I did not, It has grown most of all kinds I have set this year. I have now 3 large plants of this Butch T.

The fluorescent lamps act as tillskottsblysning when driving up the chili is no doubt Butch T plants both bloom and have begun to put small fruits in my 840/965 tube.

Then it is about 2,5 months away from the plants may come out in the greenhouse so it will be interesting to see how big they can be indoors. One of these planter will soon get a 20 liter pot but only a, the rest must remain in their 10 liter pots because I want to keep them down in size until it is time for them to come out in summer.

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