Found good plant labels at Clas ohlson!

Clas ohlson visited the shop and found a plant label which I think was the better leaves I've seen. This has a spear that can be put into the soil so that the part to write is still above the ground.

Plantetiekettens dimensions are 140×18 so my labels that I print on transparent 18 m. m tape with my printer, BROTHER P-TOUCH 2430PC fits perfectly on these plastic sticks.

The printer I use, you will find more info on this Brother P-TOUCH 2430PC

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5 Responses to Found good plant labels at Clas ohlson!

  1. Kerstin B says:

    Can't find your “plant labels” on Cl Olsson's home page
    Do you have any link to send

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! It will be business cards that size fits. There is not that has auto parts store Art nr. 23404 Suitable for business cards, etc.. Dimensions: 60 x 95 mm.

  2. Björn Ekeblom says:

    They called “Märkpinnar” on CO,

  3. Björn Ekeblom says:

    Sorry, the comment was a bit korthuggen, didn't mean it would sound so crisp.

    It would have been “They are called "Märkpinnar" on CO,

    Fixed link would be good inbäddadmed text “Artileknummer 31-4967”, but it disappeared.. 🙂

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