The plants are large enough to be moved down to floor level.

I have my chiliplantor on my growing tables standing on flat trays for excess water should have somewhere to go, not so fun if it runs down and wet down the floors, etc.. Now they begin to become too large for the table so now they move down to the tiles on the floor.

It's a lot easier to irrigate and keep track of the plants when I have them on the floor, on the tables, it becomes tångt and is forced to move on the plants to access all. Now that they are in 7 – 10 liter pots, they are also considerably heavier to handle.

The lighting is still low energy for these plants so I have now 3 St of my self-constructed 2x30W ChiliLigt suspended in the ceiling. It fit around 6 – 8 big wide plants under a light fixture. And they enjoy being visible enough on my photos, much greener and grander, they can probably not be…

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2 Responses to The plants are large enough to be moved down to floor level.

  1. IDA says:

    So lovely they look! Do you have plants to fruit all year round?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Ida!
      No I run just up the plants in winter and then set them out in chilihusen in summer. I overwinter plants but the rest so they provide no fruits.

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