This much was growing some chili under fluorescent lights on 3 veckor.

I took a picture of some of the chiliplantor that my mother had to take care of when I was away in 3 veckor. These plants were rather small and had to stand under a fluorescent light.

The fluorescent light that the plants had to be under is a “Lightwave T5 2×24 W” provides 3300 lumen. Length 60 cm. Width approx. 27 cm. Height: 6 cm. CLR temp 6500 k armature sits in my custom built growing station but one under irrigation tray. I put it at the top about. 50 cm from the top of it is a bit cumbersome to raise the, wanted to spare my mother from this bök.

Here you can see how the plants looked like before and after 3 veckor

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