Hot and for some light, elongated plants!

If you have their chiliplantor in bright Windows in the spring so don't usually light enough in relation to room heat indoors. Some of the plants that my mother had to take care of when I was out of town had to stand in the bright Windows and you can clearly see on these to the ränt off on the height.

Now that I've taken them home again, they should be placed under the fluorescent lighting in a cooler room. For them to be able to grow dense and wide again so do I now the browser window and crop the which I think stands out too much at the height. By doing this they will grow fine again.

Do you have your plants in a window so try not to have them in warm rooms for then they will run off on the height. If you do not have access to a cooler room ca. 18 degrees you get live with that or try to give them some additional lighting by hanging up a lamp in the window that can shine when the daylight is sufficient to.

In the pictures, it is a COR de-Marina (Capsicum chinense) as I prune.

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