Now I put in motion some hot chilisorter again for a new Led ljustest!

I'll now get test 2 new Led lighting for plants that will be more and better optimized for the particular uppdrivning of plants. The usual Led lighting products with only blue and Red led does not work well for just uppdrivning but then fluorescent and CFLs superior.

I have pointed out to several operations suppliers and now they want to I test a different set of led with a wider range. These led lights should I compare with fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with the same wattage number and for this test, I have to have new small plants.

The chilisorter that I now start is: Fatali Jigsaw, Bhut Jolokia-Mayan Red, Naga Morich-Tabasco,HabaNaga, and Habanero Pastel. As soon as they look up from the cubes, they will be placed under the respective lighting. I'll update here with pictures and comments.

I grow my seeds with heat mat (27 -30 degrees) and in the rootit root cubes to germinate as soon as possible.

Suppliers of led that I'm going to try is

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3 Responses to Now I put in motion some hot chilisorter again for a new Led ljustest!

  1. Jonas says:

    Hi! Nice blog and information source.
    For people like me who are new to this with chili-farming is a lot to learn. Will be interesting to follow Fatali jigsaw. Also ordered some seeds…

    • Jonas says:

      By the way a question.. I feel that root-it cubes dries fast. How often and how do I keep these cubes moist for best germination?

      • Stig Häggkvist says:

        Hi Jonas!
        If you have a heat mat so you have to check them every day so they do not dry out. I hoses as soon as it is needed by dipping them in a little lukewarm water and squeezing out redundant some light before I put them back in the pluggbträttet. If you do not have heat so check them at least every other day.

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