You have to crop the Capsicum chinense varieties to get them fine?

Many people ask me if I crop my Capsicum chinense varieties to get them low ,frequent and to make them branch well. Most of the Capsicum chinense varieties have a natural low, dense growth so you should not need to crop them but they get enough light in relation to temperature, then even these varieties to gully off on the height and become looser.

The answer is no if I crop my Capsicum chinense varieties, I deal with them in a way so they grow dense and low at the beginning of its life and then branching the also quite early and spread out his Crown. One of my tricks to get the to is that I put the plants in a cool place, around 18 degrees under fluorescent lighting when I have planted them in small plant pots but nutritious Earth, I do as soon as they had their first character sheet. I school later if the seedlings to a 1.5 liter pot which is then allowed to remain cool and with a lot of lighting.

It is only when they get a 4 liter roskruka as the plants get a bit warmer ca 20 – 22 degrees. They may also be under very light, the higher the temperature the more light the plants require.

Here are some plants that have just been leaving the cool room and received a 4 liter roskruka with a nutritious, mullrik rosjord. And as you can see they have branched out to Nice and at the same time not drawn off on the height.

PS. It can sometimes be other reasons to crop their Capsicum chinense varieties, TeX. If you want to spaljéra up its plant but it's a completely different thing!

At bildeerna, you'll see one of my Carolina Reaper and a Colombian Orange and a bunch of other new retrained Capsicum chinense

How do you crop your Capsicum chinense varieties?

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