When to put out their chiliplantor in cold greenhouses, porch, etc. ?

There is a little divided on how and when you can exhibit their chiliplantor in cold greenhouses. If you are driving up their chiliplantor indoors so it will be soon full of plants that take quite a big place like this in the spring and then want it as soon as possible put them out in the cold greenhouse, balcony, terrace etc..

Keep in mind that chiliplantor is heat-intensive, so please be not in a hurry to exhibit them!

I have get me a thermometer that measures no more than the lowest temperature during the day/-. I check what it stands for nattemperatur on the thermometer. If the temperature stays at about +15 – 16 degrees at night and there is no greater risk that it will get colder, so I set out most of my plants, some of my plants so that “Carolina Reaper” and some hot varieties from Trinidad, I am especially alarmed if so they will have to wait until night temperatures have risen an additional degree.

I check the weather report a little extra careful the first week and the temperature would creep down so I always have a little filter cloth at hand that I can cover over my plants with but.

What happens to chiliplantorna if they may be too cold? Well the plants become stressed by being too cold and it turns out quite often they drop their flowers and leaves are also sometimes. All of the large temperature swings like the nor, It can of course be 25 degrees in the greenhouse during the day but only 13 degrees at night and feel the not very good by.

Of course you can take a chance but not me then I now worked for several months with my plants for them to get beat out in full bloom in summer and provide a lot of fruits. I don't want all the work should be förjäves…

How are you going to do, When you set out your chiliplantor?

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  1. Carl K says:

    I put out my when dagstempen was around 15 degrees.. However, I have had my plants fairly cold in winter, as low as 9 degrees, I have measured up in tents.. Now in the greenhouse, I have measured up 4 degrees at its lowest and it is in the coldest team.. But the plants seem to feel good. However, I agree that working on automatic irrigation and into next year so I will hopefully have a heating coil (PEM-tubes) under the plates so I can have a good temp for the duration of a day.. What happened then ?.. 2 plants look a little boring and the rest feel how good any time. When we talk about 20 plants in total..

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello Carl!
      Well enough can chiliplantorna get by for a while and some are even able to o with survive but cool eating away at the plants, the weaker and will probably give less fruit than if you do not expose them to these pressures. Then I only have heat-loving c. chinense varieties so I don't take the risk to exhibit them already now. I don't want all the work I have done will be lost. We hope that your plants can handle this challenge.

  2. Sara says:

    What a great website this is! Would first of all thank you for all the nice pictures, This always helps a beginner. Theory are all very well but sometimes it is simply easier to understand after seeing a photograph, a picture is worth a thousand words is, after all,.

    Me and my partner have given us in trying to drive up some plants, which has gone well so far. Maybe a little too good, for now, it has (just as you describe) become a little space is limited. We are a little bit different opinion about how we should solve it all, I'd rather live with my plants indoors (We live in apartments) When the temperature is more even (has a glassed-in balcony that is knallhet in the morning but very cool in the evenings) While my partner would try to wear them out. Fortunately, we have quite a few of every variety we planted, so maybe we should compromise. Some inside, some out there, and see what gives the best results!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Sara!
      Thanks! Glad you like my little page!

      Chili does not like large temperature fluctuations, then, hot days and cold nights, They stress the plants and can cause them to lose all the flowers, etc.. I have all the understanding that many are tempted to exhibit their plants already but if you do not have access to a warm greenhouse or similar so I advise against from the, If you have bad luck you have no plants after a few cold nights.
      It is a little strange is that most people know that you do not exhibit tex. lemon or orange plants already now that we have that cold nights and then, after all, the more durable than our tropical chiliplantor are. If you need to test and see if chiliplantorna can handle the cold nights that we actually still have to place a piece of filter cloth at night. Good luck with your chiliodling.

  3. Tommie says:

    Hi! Thanks for a great site. I have just set my first seeds (Jalapeno, Hungarian yellow wax hot, Naga jolokia and habanero) and have a few questions. They stand on heating floors in bathrooms in groningen in a dark place, is it ok?

    After the first repotting was thinking I put 'em out under a fluorescent lamp of about 20 cm (just in time?) distance in the garage that is heated with an element but it is gsnska cool. It keeps a steady temperature of 13 degrees 24/7. Is it too cold or? The alternative is indoors where it is 22 degrees. Which option would you recommend?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Dark and warm when the seed will germinate is good. When they look up, they need light at once. 13 degrees is too low temp. Most chili stops growing at 15 degrees. 22 degrees is better to have them inside.

  4. Jonny says:

    Hi! I have a greenhouse that there is el install in. Has purchased another small greenhouse in plastic that I was going to put my chiliplantor in the first.
    Thought to have frost guard and thermostat to them so that they do.

    It ought to work?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! If you can keep at least 15 degrees at night so it works. During 10 degrees a long time dying many of chilisorterna.

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