A tunnel greenhouses for hobby growing chili peppers!

I had thought that I would build me a chilihus on my mother and father's recipes but it got to be a small tunnel greenhouse instead of 6 M2. So now it's time to build the foundation that it will stand on. There will be a wooden deck of pressure-treated wood that also can be used for a little table and chairs because we want to be able to take a cup of coffee when you are and come to visit their plants. Where tunnel greenhouse to be placed, I will isolate with soil insulation boards.

Many wrinkles enough on the nose for this tunnel greenhouse but I'm going to show that it is very good to grow chiles in this small tent. Actually a good option if you can't have a real greenhouse for a variety of reasons. This tunnel greenhouse picks it with ease down in the fall and again in late spring.

I will show the whole building and having set up on this site and describe how I do. Today I drove to where the wood to wood deck so now it go right ahead.

PS. I will also put up a real greenhouse on the property but we haven't started with mark work yet but as soon as we take hold of it and I'll also show how it is possible to.

Tunnel greenhouses of various sizes can be found at www.sneckenstrom.se

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