Projekt tunnelväxthus, base part 1.

Today it was time to go ahead and build the foundation that my tunnel greenhouse should be on. I build all of pressure treated lumber.

The framework I build by 2 inch 4 wood that I nail it together. Then tvärreglar on cc 60 for me to get a stable floors. Floor boards has dimension 28×120 etc. so it will be a real floor, the worst thing I know is when you skimp on tvärreglarna and floor boards. Might as well take to properly when you're at, This floor will hopefully last for many years.

Floor space on this floor are getting bigger than green when the tunnel surface will also be a new coffee deal on this recipes, the old one had served out.

Now the framework soon ready to just the weight of everything and put there all tvärreglar then ground insulation added to where the tunnel greenhouse should stand then just screw the floor planks.

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