Test of 2 St Led lighting as well as fluorescent lighting starts now.

Now they have small plants that I'm going to have to my test come up and had their heart leaf so today I start the test with 2 St led lighting and a fluorescent lighting. These chilisorter are there to power up under each lighting, Fatali Jigsaw, Bhut Jolokia-Mayan Red, Naga Morich-Tabasco and Habanero Pastel.

The plants may remain in their Root Riot cubes until they had their character sheets since they will be planted in a small plant pot with nutritious Earth. All plants have exactly the same conditions in terms of distance to the lighting (30 cm) room temperature, humidity, water, nutrition, etc.. I give them now nutrition (Formulex) in the water as long as they are in their cubes.

In the pictures, it is the following lights being tested.

GEMMA Led rail 36W

Ecosolutions Led ramp 30W

Fluorescent 2x18W T8 1 St 965 and 1 St 827 a total of 36W

Here is the result after 9 dagar.

Here is the result after 18 dagar

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