Chilivård with Epsom Salt and Cave man's Bat Guano!

Some have asked me how and when I give my chiliplantor Epsom Salt. Today it was time for chilivård and then I give them both the Epsom Salt and Cave man's Bat Guano fertilizer.

I give my larger plants, those who stand in 4 – 25 liter pots Epsom Salt and Guano was 14 day. Epsom Epsom Salt to make plants grow and become more powerful, enhances chlorophyll production, improves the absorption of phosphorus and nitrogen. And it seem right, some who did not receive this treatment is not as big and strong.

Bat guano is a high-grade fertilizers containing high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus important microber. It is ideal for plant growth and provides a natural protection against disease. Bat guano is a completely natural manure that it is easier for plants to take up. It also has a soil-enhancing impact as microlivet benefit, the symbiosis between the roots, the mycelium and bacteria to be improved. The plant's ability to take up nutrients in the Earth increases thereby.

When I water the plants as usual I have liquid nutrients in the water, but only a 1/4 part of what is recommended, there is no need to overfeed chili because they still can't take large amounts of nutrients at once.

Here you can buy Epsom Salt.
Here you can buy Bat Guano

Here is a little video from today's chilivård in the cellar.

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13 Responses to Chilivård with Epsom Salt and Cave man's Bat Guano!

  1. Omega says:

    Where can I get hold of epsom salt? Have searched but not found.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Ann-Lis says:

    An amazingly good video, very well made and fun to see how you have your plants. Very nice plants!

  3. MB says:


    Where have you bought your plastic trays? Have been looking for like a while with no results.


  4. Gunilla Ho says:


    Wonder if you're going to irrigate with liquid nourishment each day? I have done it but followed your advice to include only 1/4 part.
    On Bat Guano, You can mix it in water or sprinkle them with you on the on Earth was 14 day? Read that you could do it too do not know which one is the best.

    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      You do not need watering every day without lifting of the pots and know whether water is needed. When watering so have always nourished in the water. I sprinkle out Bat Guano on Earth and stir a bit and hoses down the.

      • Gunilla Ho says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        Is Epsom salt ngt you recommend?
        If Yes, How will it be used and how often in this case?

        Have a nice day.
        Best wishes,

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          If necessary, depends a lot on the soil in the pots. Many nutrients leached out pretty fast at the indoor cultivation. I mix about. 1 – 3 tbsp Epsom salts in the soil at retraining to my final pots. You can also use the Dolomite lime that contains 12% magnesium but it must offtast be purchased in as large packs. I think it works fine then there are also those who doubt its effectiveness but it may be for them.

          1 – 2 teaspoon Epsom salts can Sprinkle onto the Earth and watering down to those already planted. Repeat 2 times during the growing season.

  5. Josef says:

    Gives you Bat Guano and Epsom salts all year round for your plants

  6. Joseph J says:

    Hi and thanks for the reply!
    I do this with but complements with Bat Guano if I notice that knoppningen not get started properly. Seems to work but I wonder if it helps the flowers fall off to a greater extent. Seedlings that I let remain in smaller pots also seems to lose the flowers when they produced a number of fruits.

    Water and fertilize regularly with otherwise chilifokus type with smaller amounts of each watering.

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