Chili plug seedlings from Sea Spring Farm in England came in the mail!

This week, I got some chili plug seedlings from Sea Spring Farm in England, they came in your mailbox in a plastic bag. They looked to have cleared the flight well. They look a little saggy but they will recover after a few days in pots and in lighting.

It is chilli varieties: Devil's Rib, Apricot, Trinity and Hot Scotch. I now have planted them in small pots with soil and plant välgödslad a little perlite, where they will stand and rest under the lights. I ask them reasonably cool the first few weeks ca 18 – 19 degrees

If you want to order plants from Sea Spring Farm so you should be in good time when they send out the plants for when ordered them, I ordered these in February, they begin to send out the plants in the beginning of may.

Here you can order the plug plants Sea Spring Chilli Plants

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