2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 9 dagar!

Now it's 9 days ago I started the test light with fluorescent lamps and 2 St. various led lighting for plants. The plants are now in small plant pots but nutritious Earth.

You can see a difference in the growth of the plants but so is not much difference. Fluorescent tubes have a particular advantage but Ecosolutions Led is not far behind then Gemma who don't have quite as good growth. We'll see if more 9 days have passed what it looks like under each lighting.

Here's a little video where you can see how the plants look like right now the 14/5 2013.

Here you can see the result after 18 dagar

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4 Responses to 2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 9 dagar!

  1. Mats says:

    What about the distance from bulb to plant? One of the points with LED's that you can have the lights very close to the plants because less radiant heat. Is this something you take into account in your tests? Seem to remember you in a previous test did not, without had LED pretty far from plants, which of course affects the end result a lot when the light intensity decreases with the square of the distance of the light source.

    …but then, I agree that LEDs are overrated in General. Most believe that one should compare in a way which does not give LED more disadvantage than it really needs to have.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Mats!
      Sure, I take into consideration the distance from the light to the plants. I have a distance of 30 cm to the plants at all 3 light sources. If I were to cut the lights to the 10 cm above the plants so wouldn't Led lighting all colors meet the plants and you do that the plants should be part of all colors. Led light is that addressed the need to raise to all colors are spread over the surface. I am aware that the intensity decreases with the distance (Inverse-square law). According to GEMMA is one of the led lights that I was testing I have too short distance on the plants so I'll actually raise all lights to 60 cm above the plants even though I know that the amount of energy to the plants will be reduced by 4 times. In the case of all 3 lighting products to get all the chance to show their worth at this distance.

  2. Michel says:

    Where do you buy your chicken manure?
    Any recommendation on the place of purchase for the purchase of larger pots, like a little elongated? What sizes do you use?

    A small tip is that you may also post a direct link to your video clips on Youtube.
    The embedded browser is working on linux/firefox, Windows/firefox or android/chrome. It just spins the loading circle. On chrome doesn't work either the menu system on the website correctly.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Michel!
      Chicken manure pellets found in the carton where they sell plants tex. Plantation etc.. Pots can I buy directly from the wholesaler and the high elongated is rose pots on 4 liters., I don't know if these are available to buy in stores. This is the manufacturer of the pots, call and see if they know of any dealer in your area http://www.eliassonplast.se/

      When it comes to my video clips so I get them to work in all browsers? We must make sure that you have the latest flash plugin on your computer. If you want to see the movie on Youtube so you just have to click the movie, and then click the Youtube logo in the lower right corner you can see the movie directly to Youtube. With reader Google Chrome does everything as it should on the side when I test?

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