Now the stand uppmonterat of tunnel greenhouse!

Finally some hot outdoor today so I took the opportunity and mounted up the tripod for tunnel greenhouse. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Good fit so no fuss.
Got 2 sets of screws and bolts.

I'm not going to put on the cover for tunnel greenhouse for than it is time to set out some of my chiliplantor. I'm going to have a few varieties here, a few of my small chilihus standing next to and then I'll have the rest of my seedlings in the real greenhouse at home on the lot just I get up all ground work must first be done and I have hired away to those who can. They hope to begin soon, craftsmen and times…

The next step in this project will be to build a bench, I'm going to have a shelf on one long side of tunnel greenhouse so that I can have plants in two levels. May try to grab it soon. Build bench in printed wood.

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  1. Peter says:

    What have you purchased for tunnel greenhouse?

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