2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 18 dagar!

ljustest_2Nu har det gått 18 days ago I started this ljustest. Still, the best growth in fluorescent tubes and Ecosolutions Led lighting.



All the lights are now 60 cm above the plants, I raised all around. 5 days ago, when I received that GEMMA Led rail could perform better when. So far the seedlings under GEMMA guide after. The difference in growth under fluorescent tubes and Ecosolutions Led ramp is not so great but the led lights seem to still hold what it promises but it is not better than fluorescent tubes so far. If 9 days so I check the growth again and post a new report.

Here's a little video

Efter 26 days, you can see here

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    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Nicklas!
      The cost to operate the lighting products are about the same for all the 3 lighting products. Those who are the most expensive in operation are fluorescent tubes and GEMMA Led then these are on 36W and Ecosolutions Led is on 30W. Many Växtled providers have tried to get many hobby growers if we think we can save energy by using led as plant lighting. What they have done is that they compared Led with conventional bulbs and it's completely misleading, they would compare with fluorescent lamps or CFLs will save but not something worth mentioning and that is why they show nor the comparison. Led is no miracle lighting where you can stop in for example 5W and all of a sudden get 50W energy to the plants.

  1. (A) N says:

    The reason why it is so much in growth (between the various plants during Gemma LED plant lighting) are for rail has been far too near.

    It is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on this test, that a few had to stand more in blue/red light and (especially) the third more in green (which do not have any influence on the chlorophyll). Raise the light to about 1 meters above the plants the next test starting so the colors will be mixed as it is supposed, and it will grow as it should.

    Best wishes,
    Gemma LED

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello (A) N!
      I'll soon start a new test, and then I will as you mention raise the lights to 100 cm above the plants. The plants will not get so much energy from the light, the effect decreases with the square of the distance so that it would grow better than if one has lights 50 cm above the plants are for me a riddle. As soon as my new sown chili seeds look up as the new test I started light and then a to Led lighting be with that has only blue and white diodes. It will therefore 3 Led for fluorescent lamps.

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