Can school of chiliplantan even though the flowering and fruit set?

I have been asked if it bothers chiliplantans blommning if one school into larger pot. According to my experience it is no danger to the school on to larger pot even if the plant blooms and fruit. As long as you are careful not to damage roots at the retraining.

I start raising of my chili back in december, and that means they will have to grow quite some time indoors and when you cannot avoid that some plants both bloom and set fruit if you don't pick off the flowers. I have been on them for a larger pot and have not seen any tendency for the plant would feel worse of it but rather better.

Today I trained a bunch of plants BL a one of my Culture that both bloom and have set fruits. It was now getting out 4 liter pot and then got a 10 liter pot. In the pot, the danna now stand to it's time for the next retraining that will take place outdoors in the summer when it will get to live in one of my greenhouse.

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  1. Sami says:

    …Just the question I sat and klurade at just!
    Becoming more and more solid cast. The blog; neat, informative and without furbelows!
    -Keep it up!

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