2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 26 dagar!

phototestingNow, the plants received stand 26 days under each lighting and some grow well!




It's pretty evenly between fluorescent tubes and Eco solutions Led lighting so there's no doubt that this joint is working fine. It is a little worse for GEMMA Led these seedlings are lagging behind but we'll see how they look on next update.

Here's a little video.

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4 Responses to 2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 26 dagar!

  1. Bear says:

    A pity that this test did not come 1 month earlier then I had not bought Gemma lamp.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Bear! I according to my tests so it does not have a chance against the fluorescent lamp of the same power. It got no speed on my plants. The light is so narrow and targeted. You need to have it so high up so that it can cover the surfaces and then lost a lot of power. The higher the smaller the effect to the plants.

  2. Isabelle says:

    Hey Stig! I like your tests and projects. It shows clearly that the fluorescent lamps today is leading.
    I was going to ask you what it is difference between different fluorescent luminaires? I have kept an eye out on wexthusets “Lightwave T5 4×24 W” and thinking about how it is different from, for example, a lysrörsamatur from auto parts store. I understand that LightWave is more reflective side down but how else can they differ?

    Are there other fluorescent lamps also? What I understand, there are different color rendering properties such as fluorescent tubes wikipedia page. Are these full spectrum light bulbs with better color representation better for growing or is enough ' common’ full color? What do you use fluorescent tubes and fittings?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! When it comes to the difference between tex LightWave and regular fixtures so is the difference more design, available with 2 till 8 tubes and ready-to-use mounting brackets for easy hanging up. Fluorescent tubes in these lights are common fluorescent tube T5 6400 k daylight tubes. I use both LightWave and other brands but also traditional fluorescent light fixtures and it works just as well. There is no need for special fluorescent lamps without regular fluorescent tubes works just as well. In the case of kelvin color temp so it plays no major role both hot and cold works great. I have 840 tubes 4000K in many lights and it is growing fast 🙂

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