2 led to the fluorescent lamps after 36 dagar!

ljustest4Nu har det gått 36 days ago the lighting test started and it is still between the fluorescent tubes and Eco solutions Led in terms of growth, GEMMA is after. If you compare the plants root development so the result is the same.

Today I had to school if all plants for a 1,3 liter pot of nutrient rich soil. They will now have the remain under their respective lighting. The plants got new plant labels that will be involved throughout its development time. I will follow these plants even when they are out in the greenhouse so we'll see if that makes a difference in fruit development..

Next update coming on 10 dagar.

A small video.

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  1. (A) N says:

    The reason why it is so much in growth (between the various plants during Gemma LED plant lighting) are for rail has been far too near.

    It is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on this test, that a few had to stand more in blue/red light and (especially) the third more in green (which do not have any influence on the chlorophyll). Raise the light to about 1 meters above the plants the next test starting so the colors will be mixed as it is supposed, and it will grow as it should.

    Best wishes,
    Gemma LED

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! I'm going to start a new test as soon as these plants are ready to come out and then I'll start all lights but a height of 100 cm according to your instructions. In this test I had the lighting characteristics of the 30 cm from the plants to begin with, then I pushed all in accordance with your instructions to 60 cm and it is 17 days ago, and I do not think it has gotten better for it. I'll of course do as you say so we'll see if that makes a difference on growth when lights are 100 cm above the plants at the next test.

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