The first Dorset Naga fruits are beginning to get!

For this season, I have driven up some Dorset Naga seedlings from my own seeds from the parent plant that I bought by Sea Spring Farm in England.

There are many who sell Dorset Naga seeds but the genuine kind is the plant or seeds from Sea Spring Farm. The plants tend to be quite productive. At the plant the way that I picked off the flowers on so I can count to about 15 fruits right now. the fruits are green as immature and passes to red as ripe.

The plant is not that big yet but it will grow twice as large in the summer. I have 3 St. seedlings is considerably greater than that which has fruit and that I will be competing with in the fall, the contest is to get as many fruits as you can in one year's plant.

You can read more about the contest here. CHILLI CHALLENGE

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