Why lose their chiliplantorna flowers?

It's a pretty common phenomenon that chiliplantorna drops its flowers it is called to the abort when they shed their flowers on the way. This could mean that the plant is not doing well and the most common reason is for large temperature swings for hot or cold or the plant suffers from malnutrition and are stressed, for small pot, too little water, too much water.

Be sure to keep a consistent watering and give a small child nutrition on a regular basis instead of a big give nutrients such as 1 ggr i veckan. Make sure that it does not become too large temperature swings at night.
To chiliplantorna loses a bit of its flowers is a natural phenomenon if they for example do not become pollinerade. There will be new flowers which bloom chiliplantorna relatively long.

In order to promote the habit of blommning and later its fruit wrapping so I give my plants bone meal which is is a slow fertilizer with much phosphorus and not as much nitrogen.

Bone meal is rich in phosphorus (P) that promote bloom formation, fruit and root formation and nitrogen (N) fostering growth and lush green leaves.

Bone meal contains 7 % nitrogen and 9 % phosphorus and mikroämnen. It is, therefore, an NP 7-9 as well as micronutrient fertilizers.

When I give this industry so I drag down the other nutrients that contain much nitrogen (N)
I sprinkle it on Earth and stir and hoses down the whole thing you can even mix in soil at retraining to larger pot.

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4 Responses to Why lose their chiliplantorna flowers?

  1. Helena says:

    How much bone meal, give the plant and how often?
    I have been given a sapling of an acquaintance and it has lost some flowers with “sprig” and everything. It has been a cold period now, so maybe it didn't get enough heat. It has a southern window indoors.
    Otherwise it has grown well and have lots of small flowers on time. It stands in a 3-4 liter pot.
    In my familiar is a cayenne pepper. But she didn't know so thoroughly..

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! I do not provide meal to my plants. Use a good liquid nutrition type Blomstar fertilizer and mix 2 milliliter for each litre of water and use this every time you water.

      • Lars-Olof says:

        Hey Stig! I artikeln skriver du att du ger dina plantor benmjöl, men i svaret ovan skriver du att du inte ger dina plantor benmjöl. Hur menar du egentligen?

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi! Jag ger inte mina plantor benmjöl längre då jag använder en gödning med mycket P och K som jag grundar mina krukor med när de skolas om till slutkrukor 30 – 50 liters.. När sedan plantorna växt till sig så finns allt de behöver i P och K i jorden.

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