Greenhouse building Avena-120 g.

Finally, I have started to mount up our greenhouse on the property. It's a greenhouse at 12 square meters with a solid design and 10 m. m channel plastic instead of glass. This is not alone is able to mount up, You must be at least 2 St to drive frames, a big thank you to Daniel who has helped me a whole working day with this.

Now I have one or more days to finalize construction, all plastic sheets should be mounted and 4 ventilation gaps should be mounted and put in place with automatic openers. Water tap and the electrical panel up, etc. in a few days, my chiliplantor come out and grow further in this greenhouse…

Some info on the greenhouse.

– 10mm shock resistant plastic channel
– Grönlackerad heavy duty aluminium frames
– Multiple hinged door, 100cm wide
– Four scuttle
– Integral gutters

Here you can read more about this particular greenhouse

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3 Responses to Greenhouse building Avena-120 g.

  1. Anita says:

    We hired a property developer in the set of our greenhouse Avena 12.
    Leaking into the water including. in each corner and in the gaps when it rains. Have you had
    problem with the? Property developer just hit away from its responsibility and blame the hobby greenhouse.
    With kind regards

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. No, no problems with water from above. It is important to adjust the doors so they cover the opening.

  2. Stefan Bergström says:

    Amazing that you can find your nice page when Googling on avena from hobby greenhouses. I have just looked at the model, but velar some of having glass walls. How have you experienced quality now when the greenhouse has been running a few years. Have you experienced any drawbacks with channel plastic? Must also pay tribute to your blog, even if I don't share your interest for chili…. Cannon page. Would appreciate to get your opinions on this greenhouse and thank you in advance. Would be grateful if you send the reply to my mail, then I may not have found back to your nice page. Best Regards Stefan

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