Now the greenhouse ready for occupation!

Today I fixed to the last in the greenhouse, built complete the long bench with two levels so that you can have plants in two levels. Water is withdrawn and the faucet is mounted. Two chairs and a small table that will have the remain outside the greenhouse sunny days! Electricity will be withdrawn in the next week and thermostats will be installed together with RCDs and electrical outlets.

Have only good things to say about this greenhouse “Avena” from hobbyvä A strong stable greenhouse with a very good moteringsanvisning. There is nothing to put up on a day but usually with good things. Tomorrow will be a part of my chiliplantor get moving in

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  1. Magnus Lännholm says:


    Would need to optimize my greenhouse for chilisar, so it was curious to know how you went about your bench if you did everything from scratch or purchased something half done and what are you running for dimensions?

    // M

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! If you mean the bench that I have on the one side in the greenhouse is made from scratch. I fixed a sketch went to my local blacksmith and he fixed the rest of the square iron. That shelf I've screwed there tryckimprenerade trallbräder.

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