Now almost all chiliplantor out in the greenhouse!

Today got the plants move out in the newly built greenhouse and they appear to thrive. All have been in place even when there are some plants that will be trained on first to larger pots but do I fix tomorrow.

Very peaceful to sit in the greenhouse after a day of highly abrasion-. As many of the plants are in 10 – 25 liter pots I had to enlist the help of the wheelbarrow to get them in place. The greenhouse feels much rymmligt even if it is only on 12 square meters and it has enough of the roof height of 1,7 metres and the height to the roof ridge on the whole 2,63 meter to do that.

Got nice visit today by Pierre Laban (Chiliklubben) from Kumla in who was passing through. Always fun when chilivänner look past.

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