Now my chiliplantor get flower freely and give fruit!

Now that finally my chiliplantor had come out so I hope they will thrive and grow large and provide much fruit. I have to pick the flowers from most plants indoors to add energy to grow. A few flowers on each plant has got to be retained as I then pollinerat by hand and now have some fruits beginning to mature.

On the pictures you can see Bengle Naga, Dorset Naga, Habanero Habanero Viet Nam, Devil due's Rib, Fatalai Jigsaw and carolina Reaper.

Now that the plants will flower fitt, they a nutritional supplement with more Potassium ((K)) and Phosphorus (P) and so I add a little bone meal or some other candy while I pull down a bit on Nitrogen (N). This to promote flowering and fruit setting.

How goes it with you chiliodling have the plants put much fruits?

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2 Responses to Now my chiliplantor get flower freely and give fruit!

  1. Regina says:

    Went and counted yesterday and have about 150 fruits and as much flowers plus lots of buds still so it will hopefully be a part.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Regina!
      Glad you got so much fruit, and that your chili blossoms in full swing. My plants are now with few flower freely so I hope that I get a lot of fruits.

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