HabaNaga is a svårflörtad chili!

I bought some HabaNaga leads from the Hot As Hell Seeds in Modesto, California, U.S. (A). a chili farm run by Phil Lanza Sr. HabaNaga is a cross between a Naga chili, and Habanero Red Savina. I sowed some seeds the 23 April, 2013, only one seed wanted to grow and the small plant never wanted to grow once it came up but it remained a dwarf plant.

I was going to actually toss plant but stubborn as it is so got it in his small plant pot and live on. And believe it or now, it has begun to gain momentum and grow. I planted about it today in a 1,5 liter roskruka and put it in the greenhouse, among my other chiliplantor. Sometimes it pays to be stubborn.

May the fruits and I'll take the seeds and to them to see if the plantona will be as stubborn as this little HabaNaga been.

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2 Responses to HabaNaga is a svårflörtad chili!

  1. Sven T says:

    Hey Stig!
    Use generally seeds from your own fruits when you sow subsequent season? How do you experience the germination capacity compared to store bought seeds?
    Sincerely Sven

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Sven!
      I take both of my own seeds and buy new seeds of new varieties. I think the germination capacity is almost 100% on my own seeds with some exceptions for a few crossings that I myself fixed and they were apparently sterile for no seed sprout wanted. Even the purchased seed wont grow good, I have the heating mat and can keep a high temp (27 – 30) and it allows them to germinate more easily and much faster. In the case of HabaNaga plant to the seed sprouted quickly and became a small dwarf plant but then it took several months before it began to grow again, strange but it is apparently sometimes.

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