Bengle Naga is a chili with bite in!

Now my chili Bengle Naga started to mature. Sent one of my Bengle Naga to Pierre Carlsson for taste and potency test to see if they were as hot as last year. Bengle Naga is an awesome chili it leaves no one who eats the unmoved!

Are you looking to grow this chili so I have seeds they are located under the menu button “My seeds”!

check out the movie!

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2 Responses to Bengle Naga is a chili with bite in!

  1. Miro says:

    Helgrymt that you pulled it off so good Knight.

    Looking forward to when moruga and other analyst calls should be tested! 🙂

  2. Pierre Carlsson says:

    As I said, I liked the Chili was a little too bitter for my taste, but it is most likely that I ate the whole with seeds, brackets and all. The flesh itself tasted not at all bitter, fruity with a touch of Orange and red pepper.
    The strength was pretty brutal, leave as I said no one indifferent 🙂

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