Dorset naga fruits are starting to get now!

This year I have 3 St. Dorset Naga plants a hibernated and 2 New from seed. I'll compete with my plants from seed in CHILLI CHALLENGE: How many can YOU chillies grow on one Dorset Naga plant organized by the Sea Spring Seeds in England.

Do I compete just for fun because I probably have no chance. One of my plants have right now about 140 fruits and the second blooming in full swing. Well we'll see how many fruits I can get up on a plant a little over 200 St will probably not be a problem but getting up in 1000 fruits that can forget directly. I have to the 15 October to produce many fruits.

Here is a link to the contest: CHILLI CHALLENGE

Test Pierre Carlsson one of my Dorset Naga fruits as this year has been really hot!

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4 Responses to Dorset naga fruits are starting to get now!

  1. Pierre Carlsson says:

    Well thanks, the va asked in! But also very good, sweet and fruity, not the least bit bitter..

  2. Hey Stig

    Is it on your volunteer Naga which you have as much fruit? One must ask how it goes with those you planted this year and also how you schooled about plants, What sizes of pots.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Anders! The Dorset Naga plant that I have most fruits right now is one of the plants where it needs to be there to compete with the plant. I have 3 the pieces were of a Dorset plants is a hibernated from last season and are currently both flower and set fruits it had come out late in the greenhouse to start flowering. I school the 3 till 4 steps first 8×8 cm plant pot then 1,5, 4, 10 and finally 20 or 25 liter pots. The plant that I compete with in a 10 liter pot, the other two plants in 20 each 25 liter pots. The two plants that are outside of the contest, including those that produce a lot of fruit but the fruits seem to be smaller in size than on my racing plant.

      • It sounds completely Cannon because it can get that kind of return in 10 liter pot. I grow only indoors (with the exception of my little balcony) and must limit my plants a little. Think they get too bushy in 20 liter. Today, of course, to cut down the plant but if I can run in my 11 liter pots so it would be awesome. Look forward to plant my Dorset Naga Orange as soon as I get the site.

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