Fatalii Jigsaw fruits grow and thrive in the greenhouse!

It is the host's strongest chili I grow? There are some who think the Fatalii Jigsaw will assume the throne as the world's hottest chili. My plant seems to thrive in the greenhouse for it has put many fruits that also seems to be really great. Will be very interesting to get a tasting of this chili.

Do you have seeds to this hot chili so give me a message so I can contact you when there are seeds. Right now it's hard to get a hold of seeds at the end of the fatalii page. If you want to read more about this chili, you can do so here Fatali Jigsaw

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2 Responses to Fatalii Jigsaw fruits grow and thrive in the greenhouse!

  1. Form says:

    have followed your fine chiliarbete latest 2 years and become fixed itself. Think you have great information for us beginners.
    Have any questions:
    1. I have sown 25 varieties (mostly chinense) for 3 weeks ago and all have come up but the Pink Tiger, Jigsaw and bubble gum. I have sown 2-3 seeds of each. Do you know if it is known that these varieties take longer to germinate?
    2. Would you be able to create a post on how to top the chili?

    Once again, Thanks for the helpful tips you put up.


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Some varieties take time depending on heat moisture and seed condition it is just to be patient and wait to finish so they usually look up. PS. There is a video about the topping of seedlings in the spring when my is big enough to be topped.

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