Now it's almost time to harvest chillies

It is now in the fall to get the salary for all the effort they put into their plants. Hopefully, they'll give lots of hot fruit. Many of the chilisorter I grow this year takes a long time to put fruits, It can then take 2 – 8 weeks before they come of age so we must be patient.

If you do not have access to the heat in his greenhouse or if you have the plants outdoors so it is about time that it takes in the plants that you want the fruit to mature or that you have in mind to winter plants. Here with me is now night temperature of around 6 – 9 degrees and there is no temperature chili like they should have between 20 till 25 degrees at night to the fruit to mature.

Here are some more tips on what to do now is whether to bring in your plants. Click Here!

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  1. Kim andersson says:

    Hi stig I have cultivated some shrubs with Carolina Reaper this summer and now most of them become mature so I've been thinking to wipe all that I had this year, but it appears that that the plant of chili has stopped?
    I have taken in judgment and put up the plant with a very light and they stand in a room with about 17 degrees and 14 hours of light each day. as I understand it, the chillies be much greater than what they are now, but they've got the right red color anyways, I wonder if I should wait a while to harvest them or if I'm going to do it now on the hope that I will have more fruits to the next year?
    I also wonder if I harvest them if I'm going to cut them down now for winter quarters, or if I'm going to wait until February to March instead? and how much they should be cut down? and if they're going to have to reach nutritional and lighting now over the winter if I cut them down?

    Best wishes,. Kim

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      If you cut them down and keep them in 17 degree temp so they have no nutrition but only economical watering was 14 day. Cut down sharply new branches after tribes.

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