Finally chilli harvest time.

Now that autumn is coming, it's time to harvest the various chillies. Many have now come of age, but many remain on the plants a few weeks so they have time to mature properly. Then it's time to clean out the greenhouse for winter.

Today was the Dorset Naga, Bengle Naga, Fire, Trinidad Morovas, Fatali Jigsaw, Habanero Pastel and others, which were harvested.

Seeds are available for those of you who are interested just contact me.

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  1. Hanna says:


    I am a new chiliodlare who have found to your site! Really nice to read! I also have a thought, It seems like you get a great harvest more or less at the same time, do you have any tips on how to best keep fresh chili to keep them fresh longer for cooking?


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