A second crop of Dorset Naga fruits!

I'm in the race with one of my year's seedlings of chili “Dorset Naga” Today it was time for a second crop of fruit I have already picked out of a 60 speech. Many fruits are still immature so it gets to pick several fruits of about. 1-2 veckor. Wonder how many fruits total on this plant which is very productive. Contest end date is the 15 November.

“Chilli challenge. How many Dorset Naga chillies can YOU grow on your plant?”

Would you like the chance to win 10 St hot fresh Dorset naga fruits?

If you can guess how many fruits I picked today from my plant so you can win 10 Dorset naga fruits directly in your mailbox, all you have to do is comment on this post and guess the correct number of fruits. I winner of the who dots right or comes closest to the correct number of fruits and who commented on this post so everyone has a chance. The 2 oktober utser jag en vinnare.

En liten film från dagens skörd av Dorset Naga frukt.

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56 Responses to A second crop of Dorset Naga fruits!

  1. Micke says:

    78 st gissar jag på

  2. Patrick Seeger says:

    102st 🙂

  3. Carl wennberg says:

    Jag siktar på 64st

  4. Anita Billfors says:


  5. Erika says:

    60 st tror jag 🙂

  6. Rolf L says:

    90 st 🙂

  7. Mikael Petersson says:

    Jag provar med 88st 😀

  8. Issac Hill says:

    gissar på 85

  9. Ylva Åberg says:

    Jag tror att det blir 98 St

  10. Andreas Eriksson says:


  11. Jonatan Elvin says:

    73 🙂

  12. John Schiller says:

    Jag tror 87

  13. Emil Herrgård says:

    Jag gissar på 82.

  14. Elin Richardsdotter says:

    77 St

  15. Johan Nilsson says:

    Gissar på 53 St

  16. Maria Lauer says:

    123 St

  17. Peter magnusson says:

    41 St

  18. Tomas Blomberg says:


  19. kenneth hag says:

    Jah gissar på 157 St

  20. Thomas Svensson says:

    69 St

  21. Michael says:

    Jag gissar att du tog 67st

  22. Daniel Karnberger says:

    180 St

  23. Stefan Anderber says:

    Jag tror det var 58st

  24. Sandman Faucon says:

    112st Dorset Naga-frukter

  25. jonas pommer says:

    tror på 38 St

  26. Kevin Tervala says:


  27. Bibbi Draken says:

    Jag gissar på 52st 🙂

  28. Peter Svensson says:

    Jag tror att antal skördade frukter idag är 59 St

  29. Niklas Gunnar Solstickan Malmberg says:

    Jag lägger en gissning på 48!

  30. Susan says:

    85 gissar jag på.

  31. Joakim lindström says:

    43 gissar jag på

  32. Claes Tranell says:

    Jag gissar på 63.

  33. Robert says:

    Jag tror 57 St

  34. Lina Laurin says:

    Jag tror att du plockade 46 st 🙂

  35. Michelle says:

    81 såklart.. 😉

  36. Torbjörn Melin says:


  37. Tobias Persson says:

    63 stycken tror jag 🙂

  38. Birgitta Palm Andersson says:

    Jag tror du plockat av 113 stycken

  39. Oskar Eriksson says:

    59 stycken

  40. Lesley Lundberg says:

    71 I think

  41. kenneth knät says:


  42. Du har nog skördat 50 st den här dagen!

  43. Bear says:

    55 st är min gissning.

  44. stephen dunkley says:


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