Fatalii Jigsaw's hot chili but not so good!

My Fatalii Jigsaw fruits have grown nice and big. This is a new chili who are aspirant on the world record in power/heat but many who try it don't think it comes up in world record strength.

Do you have seeds of this hot chili so give me a message.

I have sent a little different fruits to Oskar Eriksson one of these was a large Fatalii Jigsaw as he tested by eating a whole fruit ' and according to him you get the taste: 5/10 and Strength: 10/10.

See the movie here when He tastes and tells more about my Fatalii Jigsaw fruit

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One Response to Fatalii Jigsaw's hot chili but not so good!

  1. Jonas says:

    Fun with these statements over different chilis! However, do not think I will eat this as untouched as Oskar.

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