There was no “Fatalii Jigsaw” It became a No Jigsaw!

I have told you before this on my page if one of my Fatalii Jigsaw seed that was not like any other. It was an incredibly beautiful plant. As a young man had the purple iridescent leaves. The older the plant was so slowed down the purple color and the leaves became more green with hints of purple and some pubescent leaf edges. The plant now has a lot of little red hot fruit and all branches are dark purple colored.

The fruits are small and red as ripe but that map is the black-small-brown to turn to green, then yellow-orange and finally Red. Chili has good heat and a very fruity taste. It is probably a cross between Jigsaw and Rocato but no one knows for sure. It will now be called “No Jigsaw” because it was not what it should be…

Strength 8/10 and taste 10/10

Do you want to help keep this exciting alive kind so give me a message I have seeds.

See Oskar Eriksson video if this chili.

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4 Responses to There was no “Fatalii Jigsaw” It became a No Jigsaw!

  1. Michael says:

    Some more facts about chilli varieties.
    For example.
    On the strength,
    When to plant them
    Have pictures with names so you know what it's for chili.
    Type a little chilli school for new börjare.

  2. Robert says:

    Pretty sure the Pimenta Neyde has to be one of the crossed varieties in No Jigsaw. PDN + Naga Morich, Maybe? I'm definitely interested in helping to continue working on the intersection, Stig!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Robert!
      Contact me and you'll get some fruits of No Jigsaw in your mailbox so you can both taste and then take some seeds.

  3. LILO says:

    Then it has to be like that I have, that would have been of the genus Pimenta de Neyde, they are hot and beautiful anyway and I got new seeds of

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