Harvested all fatalii Jigsaw fruits today!

I put some seeds of the more or less famous chili Fatalii Jigsaw from Finland. Some plants did not become as intended but one of plantrona was a very nice plant that also got fruits that looked to be right.

Today I picked off all the ripe fruits from the plant that I later winter to be so that it may live on and flower and fruit next year. The fruits are very hot but has a slightly metallic bitter taste, according to many who have the courage to eat these SuperHots all.

Seeds are available just contact me!

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2 Responses to Harvested all fatalii Jigsaw fruits today!

  1. Elisabeth S says:

    Order a fatalii Jigsaw
    I have written and asked before and try again.
    Do you have any chilli which I may purchase the. Any medium strength one or two PCs/variety.
    Would be overjoyed.
    Pay when you answered me. Can ', If I'm lucky, bli en större summa 🙂
    Thank you for a great offer.
    Welcome Elisabeth

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