When to so and förkultivera chili peppers indoors?

Now it's not long left until it is time to order and start förkultivera
some kinds of chili peppers before chili season 2014. Many of Capsicum chinense
kinds takes a very long time from seed until the plant gives mature fruit so I usually start breeding my hot varieties in mid to late december. Capsicum annuum, Capsicum baccatum, I usually start in February – March.

One thing you should keep in mind is not to start too many plants then they will take a lot of space inside. The plants will stay and grow indoors to the temperature allows
they are exhibited and it wont be at midsummer time if you do not have a greenhouse or any other protected hot spot.

Now if you don't have room for plants indoors when grown bigger, it's better to wait for for cultivation until the end of January. If you exhibit their plants too early when the temperature is still too low in the open air, the time and effort to put down from mid-december in vain.

At low temperatures the plants will pause in growth and also give less fruit to fall. Chili is tropical and subtropical plants that do not thrive in temperatures below 16 degrees at 15 degrees stop growth completely and at a temperature below 10 degrees so most plants die or have permanent damage.

How to make seed to start their seeds that can be found here.

Förkultivera chili indoors.

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