New chili lighting for uppdrivning of small plants “Mini ChiliLight”

I have a custom design when it comes to lighting by chili my ChiliLight which has become very popular. Now it's time for a smaller lighting “My ChiliLigt” a little less luminaires that can be used with a stand or so herons you up in any way.

This is the first prototype of course, powder-coated in a white paint. It is possible to use low-energy light bulbs from 10W – 30W in this light fixture. The best effect you get with a 30w 4000 k lamp or a 6500 k lamp. If you use the status so you can regulate the height of the lamp by changing the chain length. Max height ä 60 cm above the plants. Position one can take it apart and then takes almost no place, all parts fit in the armature if you turn it upside down so it takes no place to store.

I tested the lights now in 3 weeks and as you can see, so it grows very well in light. More pictures coming up here when it has had its surface finish.

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