Now I have started to sprout some of my chili to the season 2014!

Some of the chilisorter that I'll grow next year needs to start early. Many varieties can take several weeks to germinate. I have very light and large spaces to keep the plants on until it's time for them to come out so there is no problem.

If you don't have room for their inflated seedlings indoors so I recommend waiting to germinate the seed until January – feburuari. Keep in mind that if you start your seedlings early and then put them out before the temperature outdoors is opptimal so has much of the work you put into to start plants early lost.

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4 Responses to Now I have started to sprout some of my chili to the season 2014!

  1. Sofie says:

    Great to start doing something for next season. Soon to be my magnoliafrön down in the Earth, but it'll probably wait until after Christmas…

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Sofie! I agree with you that it is both fun and great to get power up his little cultivation in the face 2014. I have a lot of new chilisorter as Venezuelan Tiger (Capsicum chinense) VV7 scorpion (Capsicum chinense) and a lot of other interesting varieties to be down in the cubes to germinate.

  2. Nina says:

    What is the lights?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Nina! It's fluorescent lights you see in the picture. Common T8 Philips TLD 840 2x36W tubes in industrial light fixtures.

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