Now my chilisäsong 2014 started!

Finally, you get get started for real with this interesting and relaxing hobby.
It may show up on me that I really enjoy to get pamper my seedlings.

First off this year to germinate was Bengle Naga, Dorset naga Jay's Peach and Red Ghost Scorpion, 7 Pot Bubblegum and some kinds of. Many of the hot varieties takes time to grow strong, but many can be so even in late January and early February. If you do not have space to store the seedlings indoors under very light so I would recommend that you have ice in my stomach and begins to germinate its seeds in late January.

I am testing now includes a new white led lighting from Parus (Venso ecosolutions) When I power up some of the plants and it works great. It is blue and white led for uppdrivning, forget the Red led light that are not plant any advantage of at this stage it will later.

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  1. Hanna says:


    Just found your blog after I searched the plant lighting. Thanks for the great tips! It will be exciting to follow your seedlings!


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